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How does therapy work?

Therapy works by helping you objectively look at behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in situations which you find problematic.  It helps you learn effective ways of dealing with those situations.  Therapy is a collaborative effort between you and your therapist.  The process of recovery requires a great deal of work and understanding.


 Is therapy really going to do me any good?

What will therapy be like?  What can I expect?


Below I have listed the therapeutic approaches I use in the therapy session.  The reason I use many different types of therapy is I want to customize your therapy to met your special needs,  your issues, your personality, your belief system, and your learning style.

I use three main therapeutic approaches: Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Humanistic therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy.  These approaches are explained in more detail below.

I use Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for those suffering from trauma due to abuse, sexual assault, accidents, or disaster.

The new mindfulness approach, Acceptance - Commitment therapy is also available.

I also use therapeutic art for those that are interested in this creative approach.




Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you identify self-defeating thoughts and start to develop behaviors that are more constructive.  CBT is about what is going on in your life now.

What to expect:

You will supplement your therapy sessions with at home exercises, such as jotting down your thoughts.  You are likely to see some progress in a handful of sessions.


Humanistic therapy helps you concentrate on your personal values, goals, and priorities rather than problems and perceived short-comings.  This type of therapy endevers to stimulate creativity, encourage your growth, and help you to reach your optimal potential.

What to expect:

You will be asked open-ended questions designed to propel your steady progress toward your goals.

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Psychodynamic therapy emphasizes feelings that are often beneath the surface yet still influencing your behavior.  The goal is to help you recognize how old, unresolved problems shape the way you operate today.

What to expect:

The therapist will help you to see various connections between past and present so you can become more self-aware and content.