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​More Services & Therapies Available at Growth & Enrichment Counseling

Integrative Mental Health

  Offering Education in Alternative Mental Health Practices.

This would include diet, nutrition, exercise, breathing techniques, stress management, and more.



Hypnotherapy is a tool for addressing mental health issues like compulsive behaviors, anxiety, and insomnia.  You may be more likely to change when suggestions about how to do so are made to your unconscious mind rather than your conscious one. 


Telemental Health Services

Telemental Health Services is now available!

This  on-line counseling service is for clients living in Nebraska and more than 50 miles from McCook. This service is also available for clients who can not come into the office due to current conditions.  Feel free to call and talk about it.  


Phone coaching is now available

Coaching is not counseling and not for dealing with issues, problems, or mental illness.  Coaching is about having a partner helping you reach a goal.  We could work on things like finding a new job, losing weight, improving your health, or maybe getting through college.  These sessions are $25.00 prepaid and are one half hour long.  Give me a call to set up arrangements.  345-2932


The Mental Health Companion Blog


I have started a new blog for my clients and anyone else who is interested in receiving little bits of information about improving your mental health and coping skills.   Check it out at:  Link

Movie Therapy

Movie therapy is a technique that is fun and therapeutic for the movie lover.  The therapist will assign you a movie to watch with subject matter that relates to your issue.  You watch the movie at home curled up on your couch with a bowl of popcorn.  When you come in for your next session you and the therapist will discuss the movie, what you learned from it, and how that might relate to you and your future.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a very simple technique based on brain science.  This therapy is for anyone who has experienced major trauma and are haunted by memories.  The exercises done in session help clients alter how the brain processes memories and lessons their emotional vividness..  EMDR is a practical technique that empowers and helps clients take charge of their lives.  If you just can't seem to get past your past this treatment is for you.  345-2932

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I have had training in trauma-focused cognitive therapy.  The approach uses a specific type of program developed to help those who have recently suffered a trauma  event such as domestic abuse, child sexual abuse, and rape.  The sooner a victim begins therapy the less impact the event will have on their future.  345-2932

Theraputic Art

The use of therapeutic art is available for those clients suffering from anxiety.  Art helps people express the fears that are at the root of their anxiety.  345-2932

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

The philosophy behind this new mindfulness-oriented approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

is about helping clients learn to get on with life despite their anxiety. 

Focus on the things you care about, whether or not the worries come along for the ride.  345-2932


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